Andy SprayAll

Andy SprayAll, This very colorful design by Savvy Cleaner will definitely catch your clients eye and make you stand out while cleaning!

Who Wore it Best?

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Andy SprayAll

Andy SprayAll Disinfecting Spray Housekeeping Humor. This eye-catching spray bottle cleaning art by Savvy Cleaner illustrates 9 primary colored boxes with glass cleaner or disinfectant spray (could be multipurpose cleaner) in the center.

Andy SprayAll However You Clean

It doesn’t matter if you are a busy mom who does her own housework, you’ll enjoy this funny house cleaning design. This is a perfect gift for house cleaners, maids, professional cleaners, cleaning bosses, cleaning crew, cleaning squad, housekeeping team, or just as an appreciation gift for the person who does the disinfecting and sanitizing in your home.

Give Andy SprayAll as a Gift

This is a fun and bright cleaning gift if you want to go all out for a cleaning boss’s birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or Christmas or a cleaning team incentive.

Stylists Love Andy SprayAll Too

Note: we also have hair stylists and hairdressers who adore this pop art design as if cosmetology was calling through this spray bottle humor. Advertise your housekeeping job or professional cleaning services with witticism and flair. It’s also a great conversation starter where you get to share with others how you love to clean, or how you clean for a living, (or cut and color hair for a living) and if you’re taking new clients.


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