Sticks and Stones

Sticks and Stones, Bucket of Bubbles SnippetThis shirt by Savvy Cleaner is the perfect way to show off your resilience and determination as a cleaner. It tells clients that nothing can stop you from cleaning their home.

Who Wore it Best?

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Scrub Brush Snippet

Sticks and Stones

Cleaning Business Housekeeping Humor by Savvy Cleaner.

Sponges SnippetThe padded text reads: Sticks and stones may break my bones but I will still be cleaning. A 3D character with a broken leg vacuums the floor in style with determination and class.

Sticks and Stones Determination

Whether you are a house cleaner, housekeeper, cleaning technician, cleaning squad, cleaning crew, housewife, or even if you’re just a person who loves to clean, this cleaning warrior shirt shouts confidence and commitment to getting the job done.

Give Sticks and Stones

Bubbles Snippets 2This is a fun cleaning gift if you want to go all out for a cleaning boss’s birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or Christmas. Whether you wear a cleaning apron or not to work this funny cleaning graphic will enhance your cleaning uniform. Housework never looked so fun or was more talked about than when you wear your cleaning attitude on your fun confident shirt.

Advertise With Sticks and Stones

Toilet Bowl Cleaner SnippetAdvertise your housekeeping job or professional cleaning services with witticism and flair. Promote your cleaning throughout the entire year. It’s also a great conversation starter you get to share with others how you love to clean, or how you clean for a living, what you clean or if you’re taking new clients. Here’s to hoping you don’t break your legs but if you do, may you keep on cleaning until the job is done.


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  • Multi colors, sizes, Men’s, Women’s
  • Multi colors, sizes, Men’s, Women’s, Kids
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